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This session was live on Wednesday May 13, 2020

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How You Can Emerge Stronger by Making Critical Connections Today

We’re in the middle of a stressful time. ​But being in the business of consumer insights and human behavior - it is also an exciting one. ​

Why is it exciting? Because we are in the middle of the biggest behavior change we may ever experience. Now is not the time to put research on hold. Now is the time to keep the data flowing so we have insights in the moment AND so we can generate the insights of the future.

Put on your research hat with us for live session covering:

  1. Why we’re doing research now and the questions we should be asking amidst shifting behavior
  2. The types of insights we’ve gained through conducting research during COVID-19 outbreaks
  3. Considerations for today that could impact your business tomorrow
  4. Research options as you navigate budget constraints

Let’s emerge stronger from this global pandemic by making critical connections with our audiences today.

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mitch eggers

Jennifer Carrea Jackie Blackler  Mitch Eggers
CEO, Americas and Global Health Managing Director, EMEA Chief Scientist
Profiles Division Profiles Division Profiles Division


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