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This session was live on Wednesday May 20, 2020

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Expert Advice for a Safe and Smooth Transition

Online research stands as a safe and stable way of staying connected to consumers as the world faces a global pandemic and extreme social distancing measures come into play.

While online research capabilities have grown rapidly with advances in technology and digital connectivity, we’re challenged with the fact that offline and online are not interchangeable. However, with much unknown and turmoil caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, we understand that a seamless conversion is key.

In this session we aim to arm you with the knowledge of creating a smooth transition of any offline work you may have been doing online. Join us live or listen later for expert advice on:

  • Preparing for change - identifying the differences between offline and online research
  • How to re-configure and write for online
  • How to use visuals and engagement techniques to improve your data returns
  • Using online technologies that bridge the gap between qualitative and quantitative research
  • Managing and calibrating data variances throughout your transition

Discover how you can gain more instead of less during these times of isolation.



May Ling Tham sid
Jon Puleston May Ling Tham Sid Dutta
Vice President of Innovation, Profiles Division Director, Modern Survey Design , Profiles Division Managing Director, Asia, Profiles Division


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