Emerge Stronger

How You Can Emerge Stronger by Making Critical Connections Today

We’re in the middle of a stressful time. ​But being in the business of consumer insights and human behavior - it is also an exciting one. ​

Why is it exciting? Because we are in the middle of the biggest behavior change we may ever experience. Now is not the time to put research on hold. Now is the time to keep the data flowing so we have insights in the moment AND so we can generate the insights of the future.

Put on your research hat with us for live session covering:

  • Why we’re doing research now and the questions we should be asking amidst shifting behavior
  • The types of insights we’ve gained through conducting research during COVID-19 outbreaks
  • Considerations for today that could impact your business tomorrow
  • Research options as you navigate budget constraints, including fielding and tabulation options 

Let’s emerge stronger from this global pandemic by making critical connections with our audiences today.

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Jennifer Carrea, Chief Executive Officer Americas & Global Health, Profiles Division
Jackie Blackler, Managing Director, EMEA, Profiles Division
Mitch Eggers, Chief Scientist, Profiles Division

This session is also available in German here. 

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Moving Research Online

Moving Your Face-to-Face Research Online: Tips for a Safe and Smooth Transition

Online research stands as a safe and stable way of staying connected to consumers as the world faces a global pandemic and extreme social distancing measures come into play.

While online research capabilities have grown rapidly with advances in technology and digital connectivity, we’re challenged with the fact that offline and online are not interchangeable. However, with much unknown and turmoil caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, we understand that a seamless conversion is key.

In this session we aim to arm you with the knowledge of creating a smooth transition of any offline work you may have been doing online. Join us live or listen later for expert advice on:

  • Preparing for change - identifying the differences between offline and online research
  • How to re-configure and write for online
  • How to use visuals and engagement techniques to improve your data returns
  • Using online technologies that bridge the gap between qualitative and quantitative research
  • Managing and calibrating data variances throughout your transition

Discover how you can gain more instead of less during these times of isolation.

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Jon Puleston, Vice President of Innovation, Profiles Division
May Ling Tham, Director, Modern Survey Design, Profiles Division
Sid Dutta, Managing Director, Asia, Profiles Division

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Turn "Crisis" into "Opportunity"

Turn "Crisis" into "Opportunity": Make Survey Design Improvements Now for Insights Tomorrow

Did you know the Chinese word for "crisis" (simplified Chinese: 危机) is frequently invoked in Western motivational speaking? Broken down, the two Chinese characters signify "danger" and "opportunity" respectively

Maybe you've already  taken the challenges COVID-19 lockdowns have created and turned them into opportunities -- like using downtime to do some spring cleaning in your household. 

Why not use this time to do the same for your surveys? Be equipped to emerge from this crisis with surveys that are designed for maximum respondent engagement and deeper insights on consumer behavior – behavior we’re already seeing a shift in and will continue to witness post-pandemic.

Join this live session for expert tips and practical advice on how you can refit, clean up and polish your survey designs, including:

  • Ways to upgrade and refine your sample screening methods
  • Advice on how to tidy up and organise survey questions
  • How to do a question audit
  • Suggestions on how to better visualise your surveys and make them more engaging
  • How you can experiment with different ways of asking questions to test data quality improvements

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Jennifer Carrea, Chief Executive Officer Americas & Global Health, Profiles Division
Simon Buckley, Managing Director, EMEA, Profiles Division
Jon Puleston, Vice President of Innovation, Profiles Division

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The Kantar team on researching in today's climate:

Nothing about COVID-19 is fair - and there’s no doubt it’s hitting some parts of the market research industry hard. But it’s never been more important to stay connected as we all navigate these unsettling and uncertain times in isolation.  We are fortunate to be able to communicate directly with our proprietary LifePoints panellists, so can say with confidence that they feel proud to be an essential compass for keeping us all in the know and connected with what matters!

Caroline Frankum Global CEO, Profiles Division

In today’s world of COVID-19, sheltering in place and the resulting shutdowns across broad swaths of our market place economies, business can't meet their customers face-to-face.

We owe it to the vulnerable and everyone in our communities to listen and adhere to the best advice of public health experts and there is a lot we cannot do, but we can still actively engage our customers and not contribute to the spread of Covid-19.

The online digital world and having access to the digital neighborhoods where people hang out is a remarkably valuable privilege in times like these.

mitch eggers

Mitch Eggers Chief Scientist, Profiles Division

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