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Practical Advice on How You Can Refit, Clean Up and Polish Your Surveys 

Did you know the Chinese word for "crisis" (simplified Chinese: 危机) is frequently invoked in Western motivational speaking? Broken down, the two Chinese characters signify "danger" and "opportunity" respectively

Maybe you've already  taken the challenges COVID-19 lockdowns have created and turned them into opportunities -- like using downtime to do some spring cleaning in your household. 

Why not use this time to do the same for your surveys? Be equipped to emerge from this crisis with surveys that are designed for maximum respondent engagement and deeper insights on consumer behavior – behavior we’re already seeing a shift in and will continue to witness post-pandemic.

Join this live session for expert tips and practical advice on how you can refit, clean up and polish your survey designs, including:

  • Ways to upgrade and refine your sample screening methods
  • Advice on how to tidy up and organise survey questions
  • How to do a question audit
  • Suggestions on how to better visualise your surveys and make them more engaging
  • How you can experiment with different ways of asking questions to test data quality improvements


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Jennifer Carrea Simon Buckley Jon Puleston
CEO Americas and Global Health Managing Director, EMEA VP of Innovation
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