Integrate your insights with Lightspeed's AmplifyR Appends!

When it comes to your marketing research project - richer insights, deeper audience understanding and superior results begin with relevant data. Lightspeed’s AmplifyR Appends provides an enhanced profile of your consumers. By combining consumer third party data with our panelists’ profiles, Lightspeed marries behavioral and attitudinal data to paint a more complete portrait of your target consumer. 


amplifyR appends ebook.jpgDownload our AmplifyR Appends E-Book today and learn: 

  • What is AmplifyR Appends?
  • Paint a Better Picture of Your Consumer
  • Being Smart with Your Data Integration
  • The Beginnners Guide to Data Appends
  • The Growing Importance of Target Marketing
  • AmplifyR Appends Case Study 1
  • AmplifyR Appends Case Study 2





Download the AmplifyR Appends E-Book now!